Mobility scooters can be simply divided into four categories:

Small Portable – Mid Size – Large all Terrain – Recreational Golf Scooters. 

 No matter what your scooter needs are, 5 Star Scooters  Australia has everything you need to get out and have fun. Whether you want to get out to your local park for the day or simply want something portable to take with you on vacations, our large selection of high quality scooters is the perfect place to start Check out our latest models today.Mobility scooters are an innovative piece of home healthcare equipment that helps people with limited mobility but are challenged by slopes or distances or poor leg and foot health and helps them get around more easily and live active, normal lives. People use mobility scooters to help them accomplish everyday tasks like trips to the grocery store without the risk of an injury or fall.We offer a wide variety of mobility scooters to fit your needs. Leading manufacturers such as Monarch, Pride, Heartway, Merits, Afkim, Sterling and Shoprider provide quality scooters that come in a number of styles which can accommodate a wide range of user needs. When selecting a mobility scooter one should consider where the scooter will primarily be used (Indoor, Outdoor or Both), how often the scooter will be transported in a car and any specific seating/accessory needs. 

Our friendly staff can walk you through the process of finding the right mobility scooter to fulfil your needs.

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