For individuals who have difficulty with balance or mobility, it is good to consider the use of rollators or walkers.

For those who have limited strength in the arms and for whom lifting is a challenge, and who require only moderate need of walking assistance, the rollator is an ideal solution. Rollators are characterised by their four wheels and breaks and give limited walking balance support, but allow for a greater pace of movement and degree of maneuverability. As they do not require lifting, rollators can be heavier than walkers and contain a number of added extras such as hooks, seats and baskets for needed items and groceries.

At 5 Star Mobility we stock only quality rollators and walkers. The range provides anything from the U-Step walker and the Instep Laser Cane both which features a laser beam as an obstacle-free visual cue for Parkinson’s affected people and others to get through “freezing” episodes. And then there is the Topro Troja Forearm Walker with its forearm weight-bearing design. Our top of the range rollator is the Topro Electronic Walker, which is a strong and stable walker in its own right and is also often used for rehabilitation purposes. With its easy to use electric height adjuster, it assists with getting the mobile impaired person from and into their bed or chair.

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