5 Star Golf Cruiser

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The Fiver Star Golf Cruiser has been designed & built with golf in mind. Small, nimble light and powerful, it allows golfers to cruise around the fairways and greens with ease and comfort, giving individual golfers the opportunity to remain mobile and increase their speed of play.




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       Five Star Golf Cruiser Features and Benefits:
  • Speeds up play by enabling faster hole play and less time
  • On the course.
  • Single players on one cruiser, playing their own ball.
  • Reduced multiple-player zig-zag.
  • Zero pollution & quiet operation.
  • Wide wheels/tires. No golf course or lawn damage.
  • New helical cut gears for smooth and quiet operation.
  • Powerful electric motor: 1000w, 36V, low noise.
  • Climbing angle: 25 degrees.
  • Re-charging time: 6 – 8 hours.
  • 106 kg Golf Cruiser weight.
  • Transmission via steel sprocket and chain drive.
  • Maximum load of rider & golf equipment, 150 kg.
  • Rear hydraulic disc brake and locking handbrake.
  • Latest sealed gel 36V 6 pcs of 12V 20AH
  • Delivery Australia-Wide, with a full range of spare parts and optional extras.
  • Distributor/Dealer network for all parts, servicing and maintenance needs.
  • Keep golfers playing golf for many more years when health issues arise?
  • Small size for easy transport via tilt carrier, Aluminium ramps or trailer.
  • Extremely low maintenance and operation costs & recharging.
  • Front & rear shock absorbers with new Fish-tail seats for extra ride comfort
  • Forward and reverse with 2 speed shift, for walking and fairway speeds.
  • Driving time: 5-6 hours after a full charge, or 36 holes of golf.
  • Foldable for car storage and transport 133cm Lx86cm Wx56cm H when folded

A variety of colours: Black, Blue, White, Red, Green, Orange, Silver.