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The Smart Drive MX1+. A revolutionary wheelchair power assist device from Travel Mobility  scooters. At a combined weight of 19.8 lbs. between the battery and motor, the Smart Drive MX1+ is a portable yet powerful assist device that can help you navigate your wheelchair over thick carpet, grass or padded flooring and easily powers you up steep hills and ramps.
One of the best parts about the Smart Drive is how it prevents against wear and tear on your upper body. Use the technology provided in the Smart Drive MX1+ to save your shoulders and joints from overuse.
The Smart Drive’s easy to use, intuitively intelligent design uses your natural push to go and brake to stop. Moving the hand rims operates the 250W motor, which has a range of 10 miles on a full charge. That equals a few days of use for the average user




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The new MX1+ version of the Smart Drive really sets the standard for assistive devices when it comes to steep slopes and hills with an indoor / outdoor mode that can take you from a range of 1.5 to 4.5 mph depending on the amount of force you use to push yourself forward. Give it an easy push to go slow or give it a few quick pushes and the Smart Drive will increase speed to a maximum of 5.5 mph. This gives you the freedom to roll slowly next to someone who’s walking, or roll faster with someone who’s jogging.

The Smart Drive MX1+ also has an anti-roll back feature that allows you to stop on a hill or slope and then easily get going again and start rolling up hill. Easy installation and removal gives you the freedom to take it anywhere. All the while allowing you the freedom to move with you, hop off curbs and do wheelies. You will not even notice it is there. Not to mention, it looks sleek mounted under your chair.

The Smart Drive MX1+ was built for the active wheelchair user. The battery, at 8 lbs., mounts easily under your seat sling by sliding onto the sling itself with a clip. The 11 lb. motor attaches to an easy to install hitch on the axle sleeve of your chair. It fits on almost any chair including folding wheelchairs. The Smart Drive buttons, which operate the indoor / outdoor mode, mount easily with Velcro straps to either side of the frame so you don’t have to take your hands off the hand rims to activate them.
What are you waiting for? You know you want one. Contact a Living Spinal customer service representative now for more information and options on purchasing the Smart Drive MX1+.
Also, available for folding chairs.(see the picture of the measurements needed for folding chairs) Check out our video below on the new features of the 2014 Smart Drive!


  • Power up the steepest slopes
  • Lightweight, drive is 11 lbs. and battery is 8 lbs.
  • Push to go, brake to stop
  • Wheelies and curbs are no problem
  • NEW INDOOR AND OUTDOOR MODE -Ride over rougher ground and steeper slopes without disengaging the motor.
  • NEW BATTERY LEVEL INDICATOR -See where your battery is at with the push of a button.
  • NEW DUAL SIDE CONTROL SWITCHES -Control your Smart Drive close to your push rims for easier and safer use outdoors.