Folding Set 2150mmx230mm

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Our range of access ramps offer a high level of Functionality & Reliability

The single hinged range of ramps are manufactured from high grade aluminium with a raised non slip contoured surface and a carry handle. The ramps have a maximum weight capacity of 270kg. The single hinged ramps are available in a number sizes ,to suit most applications at yery reasonable prices

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     Ramp Folding Aluminium Set of Two 2150mm x 230mm

  • A set of two aluminium loading ramps that fold in the centre from a length of 2150mm to a folded length of 1100mm.
  • The ramp is manufactured from high quality aluminium and features a slotted finish to increase traction.
  • A versatile ramp that can be easily carried in a car and deployed for use with machinery, mobility scooters, motor bikes, golf buggies etc.
  • Size: Length 2150mm x Width 230mm (individual ramp)
  • Max Load Capacity of each ramp is 750lbs (340kgs) distributed load per ramp.
  • Max recommended height limit to ground level is 24 inches (61 cm).
  • Always use ramps on a stable and level surface.
  • Net Weight of each ramp is 7.35 KG


Selecting the Correct Ramp for your Vehicle.

For Wheelchairs use angles ramps that aren’t too steep making it easy to move up the ramp without exhausting the user. The peak of a ramp is usually the spot that presents the most challenge if using a vehicle with 2 axles. The midsection of the vehicle may scrape on the point of the ramp if it is too steep. Longer ramps that have a slow, yet gradual incline have a less noticeable peak. As a rough guide you can select the correct ramp by using the diagrams below. Vehicles with a power assist such as mobility scooters, motorized mowers or motorcycles may be suited to shorter ramps with higher climb angles.

Always ensure that you choose a ramp that always you operate the vehicle safely.