IM4 Golf Scooter

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WHY should you choose to buy the i-m4 Electric Golf Buggy when looking to invest in a golf buggy

Well one very good reason why is because its the Best “Single Seat Golf Buggy” on the market to date!!! The fact is that the i-m4 electric golf buggy is the most versatile utility mobility vehicle out there at this time!!

Why should you invest in the i-m4?? well most of the reasons why can be found in the specification,?? such as!!

Curtis Controller, New 17.1 Gear Ratio Rear Axel, 1200 Watt Motor, High/Low Variable Speed System, Optional 45Ah / 48Ah or 75Ah Interchangeable Lead Sealed Acid Batteries, Easy Chassis Access, Carrying Capacity, Steel Frame Construction, Strong Fiber Glass Body, Range Of Colors, Quick Release Systems, Fits Easily Into a Car.

“But” in my opinion, and as the designer of the i-m4, the answer to the question “WHY” should I choose the i-m4 when buying a single seat golf buggy is:

“The Style” “The Look” “The Appearance” “The Shape” “The Futuristic Design”

Call it what you like?? but the fact remains that the i-m4 is the most stylish looking golf buggy accessory on the market, with the performance to match!!!!

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    Discover the benefits of the innovative IM4

  • Convenient speeds19km/hr for the golf course and 10km/hr in public
  • Strong fibreglass bodyTo withstand the harsh Australian climate
  • Luxury leather seat For a more comfortable ride on the course
  • Powerful 1200w motorTo climb the steepest fairways
  • Low-impact turf tyresTo minimise your footprint on the course
  • Quality suspension For a smooth ride across all terrains
  • Reliable 75Ah batteries For more than 50km of cruising
  • Collapsible body For easy transport in the back of your car
  • Fashionable colours Available in red, blue, grey and green


  • Speed Switch Low – Max 10 km/hr High – Max 19 km/hr
  • Recharge Time 6-8 hours
  • Height when tiller folded 79cm
  • Ground Clearance10 cm (4.5 inch)
  • Batteries 75 AH x 3
  • Height when tiller and seat folded 69cm
  • Carrying Capacity150 kg (23 stone)
  • Tyres (Pneumatic)13 inch (33cm high, 15cm wide)
  • Braking Distance Less than 4m
  • Motor Power 1200 Watt
  • Range per Charge 50 km
  • Max Climbing Grade17 Degrees
  • Power System 36 Volt
  • Colours Red, Blue, Green, Black
  • Battery Weight 50 kg
  • Battery Charger 8 amp
  • Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)126cm x 83cm x 170cm
  • Total Weight 145kg