Light Drive

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Turn your manual wheelchair into an ultra-light, high performance electric wheelchair in a matter of seconds!



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Suitable for nearly all wheelchair users, the Light Drive turns manual wheelchairs into ultra light power chairs in a matter of seconds.

Face almost any terrain or situation independently or with friends and family. The Light Drive’s simplicity means that journeys are much easier. It can be put into any type of car giving the flexibility to go further for longer. The Light Drive gives you the independence to go where you want at your own pace.

Advantages of The Light Drive…

The Light Drive is controlled with a joystick and yet remains as manoeuvrable and as easy to use as a manual chair. By releasing the clutch you can free wheel giving you the freedom to choose when to use it.

It gives you the freedom to climb hills with no effort, coast across grass, sweep along gravel paths, in short, most things pedestrians can do.