Luggie Foldable Portable Travel Scooter

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The largest selling portable scooter in the USA 

The Luggie Mobility Scooter is the most versatile travel scooter in the world! It can be taken on any form of public transport deal with most inclines and will never let you down!
The Luggie comes with the latest battery technology as it uses a Lithium Polymer battery that is the same technology being used in the latest electric cars!
The Luggies smart folding system makes it the world’s most compact scooter, and the folding and unfolding really is as easy as it looks!
The Folding scooter can be taken on board trains, planes, buses, cruise ships, trams and pretty much anywhere else you can think of! Don’t worry about excess baggage charges, the luggie goes with you right up to departure, then simply fold it down and hand it over where it will be stored safely with the wheelchairs and prams.
If the walk from the car is becoming too much why not A Demonstration today.



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  • Folded size L 950 x H 640 X W 450 mm
  • Ground clearance 6.4cm
  • Lithium battery 24v, 8.5 ah (2kg)
  • Maximum hill slope 6 degrees
  • Maximum load 114kg
  • Maximum speed 6km
  • Overall length (folded) 66cm
  • Overall length (unfolded) 100cm
  • Overall width 45.5cm
  • Range up to 18km
  • Total weight (exl batteries) 23.5kg
  • Turning radius 90cm
  • Motor 24v DC permanent magnet
  • Drive System Rear wheel, direct drive via transaxle
  • Braking System Intelligent braking (electronic regenerative disk brakes)
  • Tiller/Handlebar Adjustable
  • Tyres Solid front and rear
  • Electronics State of the art, fully operational speed control for safe operations and Easy to recharge battery using quick charger


  • Adjustable steering (tiller) height and angle
  • Can go in reverse
  • Comfortable seat and height adjustable
  • Easy to take along in the boot of the car for a day out
  • Excellence in engineering design and construction
  • Folds and unfolds in seconds (no parts to remove)
  • Free wheel facility
  • Light-weight, innovative, highly portable design
  • Perfect for all kinds of travel, e.g. air, sea cruise, train, bus, car
  • Rolls along like a travel suitcase
  • Speed control for extra safety
  • Strong alloy aluminium chassis
  • Very easy to operate


  • Soft Case Wheels allow you to roll it along easily.
  • Note: Battery Bag Used to carry an extra battery or to carry your existing battery to conform to airline regulations
  • Battery Pack An extra battery pack may be purchased to extend the range of Luggie
  • Off Board Charger The off-board charger is very convenient. With the off board Charger, you are able to charge the battery independently of the scooter. Simply take out the battery from the scooter and charge it up using the off board charger wherever you are. Without this accessory the Luggie will need to be charged via the scooter itself.
  • Note: The off board charger is used together with your battery charger that comes with your Luggie
    Flip Up Armrests Luggie flip up armrests may provide you with an extra feeling of comfort and safety. They are one of our most popular accessories
  • Note: Under seat battery bag not included
       Please Note:
  • Award winning product for innovation
  • The Amazing Luggie Folding Mobility Scooter the world’s most popular Folding Mobility Scooter. Over 10,000 units sold worldwide!
  • Versatility The luggie scooter folding scooter can be folded in several ways to make it easy to lift in and out of cars.
  • Go Anywhere The luggie scooter can be taken with you on any form of public transport including PLANES , TRAINS, SHIPS and BUSES .
  • Get Away with Luggie The luggie scooter can be taken abroad the lightweight lithium ion battery has been cleared for air travel and is the only scooter battery to be endorsed by American Airlines.
  • Infinitely Adjustable The luggie scooter is completely adjustable meaning it is suitable for people of all shapes and sizes will carry up to 18stone and travel up to 12miles!
Where can I see a Luggie Product?

We want to take the hassle out of shopping by bringing the products to you. A demonstration doesn’t have to be in your home, it can be at a friends or neighbours, even at a group meeting or social club, place of work or wherever you like! Our Friendly team of product demonstrators are carefully selected to ensure you receive the very best service. Each member of the team has been trained on everything Luggie! They really are the experts! They love the scooters as we are sure you will.
Thee Luggie Li-Ion Battery is Air Travel Approved