Luggie Super Foldable Portable Travel Scooter

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The largest selling portable scooter in the USA 

The very latest ‘Luggie Super’ with adding extra width to the scooter, Luggie Super provides extra luxury and comfort with a wider and deeper seat, and extra leg room. But that’s not all; it comes with wider handlebars, more powerful motor, LED battery indicator, and armrests.  It boasts a massive 163kg weight capacity, which is exceptional for a portable travel scooter. Luggie Super comes in at 26kg excluding the battery, compared to 23.5kg for other Luggie models in the range. Of course Luggie Super has the same amazing unique folding design as other models in the range.


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  • Maximum weight capacity   163kg
  • Maximum speed Up to 4 mph / 6.4 kph
  • Maximim safe slope6 degrees
  • Maximum climbing ability 6 degrees
  • Ground clearance 2.5″/ 6 cm
  • Turning radius 41.34″ / 105 cm
  • Overall length –unfold 39” / 99cm
  • Overall length –folded 26”/ 66cm
  • Overall width 20.67″ / 52.5cm
  • Front 2”X 6” PU solid
  • Rear 2”X 7” PU solid
  • Anti-tips Rear
  • Standard seating
  • Foldable, compact, molded plastic
  • Battery charger Off-board, 5 amp
  • Per-charge range 18km / @69.8kg
  • Battery weight 10.5 AH Lithium battery pack(2.3 kg)
  • Total weight without batteries 26 kg
  • Total weight with batteries 28.2 kg
  • Motor spec. 4100 rpm / 150w
  • Battery meter LED
  • Seat pad Extra Large
  • Extra Large Handle
  • Dual braking system Electronic, regenerative,and electromechanical
  • Drive train 24-volt DC motor, sealed mini-transaxle