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tesla xl

This stunning large size scooter is packed full of features and style and delivers top of the line luxury with unparalleled performance that will suit anyone who wants a quality scooter with plenty of power and comfort.With its unique style, full independent suspension, and stylish design the teslas will meet the most stringent requirements.The large puncture proof tyres, high ground clearance and powerful drive chain will tackle the toughest terrain with comfort and ease.

18 months


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    tesla xl    


  • Independent Double Wishbone Front Suspension
  • Adjustable, Damped Rear Coil Suspension
  • Up To 220kg Weight (On Flat Ground)
  • Stunning Design With Quality Finish
  • Comfortable Padded Swivel Seat
  • 12 Kph Top Speed (Switchable And Programmable)
  • Simple Easy To Use Controls And Dashboard
  • Puncture Proof Tyres That Won’t Let You Down
  • High Visibility Led Front Rear And Brake Lights
  • Damage Protection Side,Front,And Rear Bumpers
  • Automatic Corner Speed Reduction

      Accessory Options 

  • Rear Bag
  • Safety Flag
  • Weather Proof Storage Cover
  • Cane Holder
  • Canopy
Tesla XL
Wheels 4
Weight With Batteries 150kg
Weight Without Batteries 102 Kg
Weight Capacity     Flat Ground 220kg
Dimensions (L X W ) 145cm X 70cm
Ground Clearance To Motor 225cm
Seat Width 450mm
Seat   Depth 450mm
Seat   Height Excl.Headrest 525mm
Maximum Speed (Programmable 12.5kph
Operating Range 25-45 Km
Front Wheels Puncture Proof 325mm
Rear   Wheels Puncture Proof 325mm
Electronics 1420amp
Charger (Off Board) 8amp
Batteries 2   X   75-85 A/H
Warranty 3 Year Limited