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Multifolding Wheelchair Suitcase Ramps These innovative wheelchair ramps fold up like a suitcase with a carry handle. Its unique folding design makes it easy to carry and store. The ramps unfold to a 76cm wide platform, not narrow rails. They are ideal for wheelchairs and scooters with three or four wheels. All aluminum construction, light in weight for their size, yet has a loading capacity of up to 272kg. A new feature is you can separate the 2 half’s easily for easier carrying see photo.  There are 10 sizes ranging from 152cm (5ft) to 366cm (12ft) with a 76cm wide platform

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Length Width Folded Size Weight Load Capacity


WCR530 152cm (5ft) 76cm (30″) 82 X 41 X 23 cm 13.6 kg 360 kg*


WCR630 183cm (6ft) 76cm (30″) 97 X 41 X 23 cm 15.9kg 360 kg*


WCR730 213cm (7ft) 76cm (30″) 112.5 X 41 X 23 cm 17.7 kg 360 kg*


WCR830 244cm (8ft) 76cm (30″) 129 X 41 X 24 cm 23.6 kg 360 kg*


WC1030 305cm (10ft) 76cm (30″) 159.5 X 41 X 24 cm 28.6 kg 360 kg*


WC1230 366cm (12ft) 76cm (30″) 192.5 X 41 X 24 cm 33.1 kg 360 kg*