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The innovative new TOPRO TROJA 2G stands ahead of the competition with increased safety, flexibility and the best possible comfort.

Its predecessor, the TOPRO TROJA Classic, was selected as winner of the highly respected German consumer test ‘Stiftung Warentest (edition 9/2005)’ since then the TOPRO engineers have been working to develop the rollator based on research and feedback from users and therapists. The result is the second generation TOPRO TROJA with even more user friendly functions, a high focus on safety, flexibility and comfort.



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The advantages of TOPRO:

TOPRO is designed to allow you to walk inside the frame, with nothing to bump against your knees and encouraging you to stand straight, giving good skeletal support, reducing tiredness & muscle strain.

With TOPRO you can adjust the grips to wrist level and this gives you a slight, natural bend in your elbow and allows you to walk tall inside the frame and prevents falls. The memory stick will always keep the correct height for you.

TOPRO has a woven basket in front and a woven seat allowing correct folding.

TOPRO folds like hands clapping allowing you to hook the front wheels over the sill of the rear car door and tumble the rollator in between front and back seats; no more lifting in and out of cars.

TOPRO now has a 7 year frame & handles warranty and has won many awards in Europe. Quality materials, rigorous testing and state of the art manufacturing produce enduring quality. TOPRO rigorously test their products including a 90 day out in the snow test.

The simple elegance of TOPRO coupled with your new upright stance is a real good  look.



  • user weight: M 150kg, S 125kg
  • Weight with basket and wheels (TPE): M7kg, S 7.3kg
  • Transport weight (without wheels and basket): M 6kg, S6kg
  • Recommended user height: M 150-200cm, S 135-170cm
  • Height of support points: M 78-100cm, S 67-86cm
  • Maximum length: M 65cm, S 65cm
  • Maximum width: M 61cm, S 61cm
  • Distance between support points: M 47cm, S 47cm
  • Seat height: M 62cm, S 54cm
  • Turning diameter: M 84cm, S 84cm
  • Diameter front/rear wheels: M 20cm, S 20cm
  • Width front/rear wheels (TPE wheels): M6cm, S 3.6cm
  • Distance driving brake: M5cm, S 6.5cm
  • Length when folded: M 65cm, S 65cm
  • Height when folded: M5cm, S 74cm
  • Width when folded: M 24cm, S 24cm


The TOPRO 2G and Olympos rollators can have both brakes operated by one brake handle with the accessory 814026. Very simple and quick to install.

Topro accessory #814026 - Operate both brakes with a single hand control