Trekker Gait Trainer Junior

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The Trekker Gait Trainers offer varied levels of support for children who require assistance with walking.

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  • Encourages early cognitive and learning development
  • Cardiopulmonary strengthening and conditioning
  • Reduces flexion contractures to enhance movement
  • Increases spatial awareness and head control to achieve independent ambulation
  • Teaches individual to take steps without assistance
  • The posterior and anterior models are each available in three sizes
  • Height adjustable in 2.5cm (1″) increments to suit user
  • Can be used in the anterior and posterior position providing flexibility for the user
  • Locking mechanism easily switches wheels from swivel to non-swivel for greater control
  • Variable resistance to control the speed of the wheel’s rotation
  • Brakes to lock the wheels providing stability
  • Directional lever allows both forward and reverse mobility or only forward mobility
  • Junior & Youth Trekkers fold easily for storage and transportationAccessories mount tool free onto the frame
  • Various optional accessories are available and can be removed or added according to the individual user’s needs and abilities


  • Height 53 – 66cm (21 – 26″)
  • Width 62cm (24.5″)
  • Handle Bar Width 43cm (17″)
  • Length79cm (31″)
  • Weight Capacity 68kg (11st)