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Why an Indoor Walker?

At old age many need walkers to be able to move safely outdoors, but few want to use them indoors as they are big, clumsy, impractical and bring dirt into the home. So a walking stick is often used which does not replace the safety that a walker provides.

Now there is a practical solution which has been successful around the world; the Let’sGo Indoor Walker, created in Sweden and fulfilling requirements around the world. It has passed all the tests for quality and environment.



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     The Benefits!

  • It is small and easy to use in narrow spaces, turns easily and gives support and safety in all situations.
  • Width only 54cms and weighs only 6.5kgs. The handle is adjustable from 79 to 90 cms to suit different heights.
  • Easy to manage brakes that may be operated with one hand only and the one brake operates both wheels. And of course a parking brake.
  • With a removable plastic tray, use it as a help in the kitchen as well as for transporting food & drinks or as a small table to eat meals from. Use it as a support if you need to get up from bed in the middle of the night. Take it to the bathroom & toilet for added safety.
  • It is beautiful and elegant in all detail, but the most important thing is that it helps many to a new and more comfortable life.

     Worldwide Success.

  • Practical Fabric Basket Let’s Go
  • Accessory basket that is fixed under the tray with a Velcro band. Max weight in basket      3 kgs
  •  The Let’s Go has been a great success internationally. Today it is sold in 17 countries from Germany to Australia. Selling over 20,000 units in its 1st Year.

     Let’sGo Indoor Walker Measurements & Weight

  • Handle 79-90cm
  • Tray Height 68cm
  • Width 54cmLength 63cm

     More Accidents Occur at home

  • Most accidents among the elderly happen at home and the number of accidents increases rapidly with older age.
  • Falling accidents at home can result in serious injury.
  • Weight 6.5kgs