Topro Olympos Rollator

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State-of-the-art Rollator designed for rugged outdoor & indoor use

This state-of-the-art Rollator is designed for rugged outdoor and indoor use, where a traditional Rollator would struggle to cope.  Its oversized, tough, anti-slip tyres are made for comfortable driving on rough surfaces such as gravel, cobblestones, tree roots, fields, dirt or unkempt roads so it’s great for getting out and enjoying the countryside.  Its special kerb lifter technology means that even the highest kerbs are no match for the Topro Olympos. If you need to rest, it can be used as a comfortable secure seat and has an ergonomic, adjustable back support. The large netting carry bag at the front is capable of holding 10kg in weight so it’s ideal if you want to take a picnic with you or carry your shopping home.



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     Why you’ll love the Topro Olympos Rollator…

  • Made to tolerate the harshest of weather
  • Exceptional centre of gravity makes it very stable and easy to use
  • Can be used as a comfortable, secure seat and has an ergonomic, adjustable back support
  • Specially shaped brake arm guides it away from obstacles and ensures the wheels don’t catch or jam against tree roots or large stones
  • Integrated kerb lifter allows you to pass over any raised kerb or threshold without having to lift it or lose your balance
  • Easy to operate brakes as it requires very little hand strength, excellent brakes for going downhill
  • Dual independent brake mechanism – one for each rear wheel
  • Brake mechanisms can be locked into place providing a secure standing or seating platform
  • Ergonomically shaped handles for comfort
  • Height adjustable handles with memory function  – ensures the handles are always at your preferred height when it’s folded out of storage mode
  • Folds together easily by pulling the strap on the seat
  • The large basket at the front can carry up to 10kg (22lbs) in weight, ideal for the weekly shop

      Accessories Available

  • Cane/Crutch Holder Can be attached to the left or right hand side of your Topro Olympos
  • Transport Storage Bag- Designed to fit all models of the Topro Troja and Olympos Rollators/walkers

      Size Details

  • Recommended user height: M= 150-195cm (59″ – 76¾”)  S = 135-170cm (53” – 67”)
  • Maximum user weight: M= 150 kilos (23½ stone)  S = 150 kilos (23 ½ stone)
  • Height of support points:M = 760 – 950mm (30″ – 37¾”)  S = 700 – 890 mm (27 ½” -35″)
  • Maximum length: M= 760mm (30″)  S = 720mm (28 ½”)
  • Maximum width: M= 705mm (30″)  S = 660mm (26”)
  • Between support points: M= 500mm (19¾”)  S = 460mm (18 ¼”)
  • Seat height: M= 600mm (23¾”)  S = 530mm (21”)
  • Turning diameter: M= 940mm (37″)  S = 865mm (34”)
  • Front wheel diameter: M= 275mm (11″)  S = 225mm (10”)
  • Rear Wheel Diameter: M= 225mm (10″)  S = 200mm (7”)
  • Wheel Width: M= 42mm (1¾”)  S = 42mm (1 ¾”)
  • Grip distance Driving Brake: M= 65mm (2½”)  S = 65mm (2 ½”)
  • Height when folded: M= 860mm (34″)  S = 780 mm (30 ¾”)
  • Width when folded: M= 270mm (10¾”) S = 270mm (10¾”)
  • Length when folded: M= 760mm (30″)  S = 720 mm (28 ½”)
  • Weight: M= 8.6kilos (19lbs)  S = 8.0 kilos (17¾”)